I was born and raised in Germany and started to find meaning in my life after I entered into the field of health and by helping people to become more happy and healthy in their mind, body and spirit. Maybe my grandmother who worked as Chinese Doctor throughout Asia passed on her healing spirit.
I was always interested in people and in their complexity in how they think and feel. Therefore, I decided to take up my degree in Psychology and Masters in Buddhist studies. 
At the same time, I was intrigued by the healing power of the nature. As we are part of nature, I felt the need to learn more and got my certification in Aromatherapy. 

“If we experience illness or dysfunction, by using pure essential oils the right way, our body and mind can be restored and rebalanced.”

During my practice as Aromatherapist, I came across EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting. 
The cause for physical and emotional issues now make even more sense such as pain, long term illness, serious diseases, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, fears, stress & anxiety, relationship issues, PTSD, etc………  
The subconscious mind and the beliefs we have about ourselves are very powerful. As already known, the conscious mind only works about 5%, meaning our life is controlled about 95% by our subconscious mind. 
Old traumas and negative memories which are kept in our subconscious that hold us back from health, love, peace, freedom, success and happiness can be cleared and transformed and even rewritten. 

As certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, I treated people with Fibromyalgia, Pain, Allergies, Chronic anxiety, Depression, Long term relationship issues, Migraines, Infertility, Tinnitus, Financial & Success issues, etc. …….

I also have experiences in treating toddlers, children and teenagers.

One of my treatment method is “Aroma EFT Tapping” combining EFT Tapping with essential oils to make the treatment even more effective.

I am currently practice in Balance Health​.


My Qualifications:   

MBS: Masters in Buddhist studies,

BSc: (Hons) Psychology
APDHA: Asia Pacific Diploma of Holistic Aromatherapy

CIMI Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

EFT Practitioner