During the the 60 minutes Aromatherapy consultation & assessment, we find out your health history & condition in the important aspects of your life, physically, mentally and emotionally. Following the consultation, I will suggest a unique, custom made blend and product to address your needs and/or intentions such as to relieve aches & pains, eczema, stress, etc. Usually, I suggest several options in from of a massage oil, bath oil, inhalers, etc. that offer therapeutic attributes. You can choose according to your preferred method of application. 

It might take a few days for the products to be made and can be either picked up or posted. 

In addition, I will provide a summary of the consultation and assessment along with a brief lifestyle plan how to accelerate your individual condition with the right diet, activities, supplements, etc.

Usually, I make sure that you can integrate helpful small changes step by step into your life that slowly becomes a habit so it does not interfere too much with your daily routine. 

If you want to know more about pricing and to book an Aromatherapy consultaiton & assessment, please contact lingyee@ly-aromatherapy.com