Aromatherapy aids in promoting a baby’s and child’s happiness, health and well being. The usage of pure essential oils benefits the mind, body and soul. Since all three areas are addressed, it is considered as the most holistic therapies. We experience life with our five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Essential oils can be experienced through all five senses that can give us physical and emotional benefits. Aromatherapy works through absorption into the blood stream by applying essential oils onto the body and through the sense of smell. The odors go into the nose where olfactory receptors transport them into the limbic system of the brain. This system influences mood and emotions meaning that aromatherapy can influence the well being of a baby and a child.



Cold & Flu
Hay fever/allergies
Mosquito Repellant


Chicken Pox
Hand, Mouth & Foot Disease
Verrucas & Warts

Soothing Baby Massage Body Oil
Calming Body Massage Oil
Cradle Cap

Ear Infection
Urinary Tract Infection

​​Ling Yee's Aromatherapy's Products for Babies & Children


​​Since a baby’s and child’s body is more sensitive and fragile, the correct oils and dilution need to be carefully chosen that also depends on the age of the baby and child in order to reach the safest and most effective therapeutic result.
Aromatherapy has a natural and nurturing effect on the baby’s and child’s well being. The application of essential oils on their body also helps them to relax their mind. 

Findings of researches on children’s behavior and Aromatherapy
Because of our environment we are living now today, it is not unusual that children sometimes are more agitated, aggressive, distracted, nervous, grinding their teeth etc.
Researches have shown that aromatherapy is effective in treating these kind of emotional imbalances. 89% of children in some studies who were bad behaved and rude before using a room spray were reported better mannered & behaved and less rude & more cooperative after using an Essential oil room spray.

Personalised labels can be done on request (great idea especially for gifts & very much loved by children).
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