​EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (created by Gary Craig)

​Matrix Reimprinting (created by Karl Kawson)

It is known that we use only approximately 5% of our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind controls about 95% of our activities including our behavior and habits. If we experience negative or traumatic events in our early life, these negative charges or energies are stored and trapped in our subconscious as negative beliefs, such as

- Good things never happen to me
- I cannot trust anybody
- I am a looser/I am not good enough
- People take advantage of me
- I never get what I want
- It’s tough to make money/I never have enough money….
- I am not lovable/I never find real love…..
- Life is tough/Life is not fair
- I can’t do it
- I always get sick
- I am a bad person
The list goes on and on…..

We notice that no matter how hard we try to change or getting rid of something such as fear, anger or self doubt or….., it still remains in our subconscious that blocks our happiness and success. These negative beliefs can manifest themselves in physical, emotional and psychological illnesses and diseases (especially chronic ones).
Our core beliefs (whether negative or positive) are already formed by the age of 6 years old. Once those beliefs are formed, we keep on attracting experiences into our life that confirm and strengthen them. These negative beliefs can affect our well-being, health and happiness on a daily basis.

 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

is using the Traditional Chinese Medicine system by tapping on meridian points on the head, collar bone area and hand integrating parts of the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) therapy and addressing the negative physical and/or emotional issue the patient wants to work on.
However, it is not necessary to voice out personal details if the client doesn’t feel comfortable doing so.
EFT comprises Ancient Chinese Acupressure with modern day psychology. Blockages in the body’s energy system lead to negative emotions caused by stress & traumas and vice versa that can be released by using EFT.
EFT has a long and remarkable history of treating & resolving physical and emotional issues. Successful and positive results are phenomenal and can be experienced within the shortest time. It can work when other methods don’t.

Matrix Reimprinting

takes EFT to another level. It allows us to go back into past memories without emotional disruption or stress and clear negative charges and energies from past traumatic events. These traumatic events form negative or wrong beliefs that we might not even know about and continuously impact our life negatively in the present and in the future.
By using Matrix Reimprinting the patient is guided into any past memory where the patient says and does what he/she wished he’d/she’d said and done. Here, the patient can bring in new resources, and create and transform the picture of that memory.
By changing the picture, both physical & emotional healing takes place, and enables the patient to attract more positive experiences into his/her life.
Matrix Reimprinting offers positive effects for various physical and emotional issues. It is also used to manifest goals and dreams
With Matrix Reimprinting, old negative beliefs will be changed into new positive beliefs. We can rewrite our memories and free ourselves from the past that affects us negatively in the present and future.
Once our beliefs have changed, our energy field changes and we see ourselves attracting different things into our life.
Matrix reimprinting is technique that can offer very powerful result.

EFT & Matrix reimprinting are good for
Traumas, Stress, Fear & Anxiety, Chronic pain and other kind of pain, Allergies, Phobias, Cravings, Addictions, Depression, any kind of emotions such as Grief, Anger, Guilt, Resentment etc…, Money & Success issues, Relationship issues, Insomnia or other Sleeping Disorders etc….



I was encountering some serious headaches/backaches that would bug me throughout the day. Luckily Ling Yee was there to help me with the pain. She explained to me what EFT and “tapping” was. We sat down and I had a session with her until the pain went away. This method for pain relief was interesting as well as effective. After a few minutes I could already feel my pain subsiding. I strongly recommend this to anyone dealing with any kind of pain in the body that is bugging them. Ling Yee is very generous and is always there to help you when you are in need of natural remedies.
Layla Keith 14, Hong Kong


I have done two very successful sessions with Ling Yee. When I first went to Ling Yee to do Matrix reimprinting I didn’t really know what to expect. I was expecting more talking but was relieved to find out that talking wasn’t a key part of this session.
I initially wanted to work on underlying issues regarding anger and the death of my mother. I wanted to work on the anger as I was just feeling angry the whole time and ended up getting into a few fights. I also wanted to work on the death of my mother because I felt there might be a connection with the two. I also suffered a few minor panic attacks which I wanted to address.
I was very nervous before the first session but Ling Yee helped me settle and feel more comfortable. It was a really strange but relaxing experience, I was really surprised by how relaxing it was. Afterwards I felt really at ease and more positive. I haven’t gotten angry over little things like I used too since the two sessions and I have been taking more stressful events in my stride better than previously. These sessions with ling Yee also opened my eyes to how an incident from the past, which may seem small now, can have an effect on you.
Ling Yee was also very good at showing me the Meridian points to help me if I got another panic attack, which I haven’t since these sessions.
All in all it was a very interesting experience and I would love to do another session with Ling Yee next time I am in Hong Kong.

Conor Stokes, 17 yrs old, Ireland

Mangel an Durchsetzungskraft von eigenen Bedürfnissen und Wünschen - Beziehungsunfähigkeit 

Ich leide seit vielen Jahren darunter, daß ich meine Wünsche nicht durchsetzen kann, sei es in einer Partnerschaft, Freundschaft, oder wenn es um meine Gesundheit geht etc. Zu Beginn hat sich bei mir nach der Behandlung mit Ling Yee nicht sehr viel getan, aber jetzt kommt es:
Nach ca 2 Wochen hat sich auf einmal das große Bedürfnis bei mir breitgemacht, dass ich in erster Linie für mich da sein und meine eigenen Bedürfnisse und Wünsche an erster Stelle setzten muß und will!! Das ist eine sehr grosse Veränderung, die sich bei mir so stark entwickelt hat, dass ich von mir überzeugter wurde und das wird auch weiterhin bestärkt, indem ich neben meiner Kur auch eine phsychische Therapie in Anspruch nahm und dies weiterhin fortsetze. Dies waere in der Vergangenheit unvorstellbar gewesen. Zusätzlich hat sich meine Beziehung zu meinem Partner, mit dem ich eigentlich nicht mehr zusammen war, gewandelt und sie entwickelt sich seitdem nur noch positive.
Aber der Auslöser, dass ich so begonnen habe zu denken und auch für das offen zu sein, das weiß ich ganz genau, war deine Therapie, Ling Yee!!!!!!! Ich bin und werde Dir dafür immer dankbar sein!!! Du bist einfach toll und hast eine riesige Gabe, mit den Menschen Kontakt im Unterbewußtsein herzustellen und ihnen zu helfen!!!
Ling Yee, du bist einfach genial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Franziska Mayer, Austria

I visited Ling Yee back in November 2015. 
I suffer from a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. I've had this condition for 20 years.  One of my issues with it is the intense and constant muscle pain. When i visited Ling Yee for a session of EFT/Marix Reimprinting I was experiencing a very sore area around my left shoulder.
To be honest I wasn't entirely expecting this to work, however, being as this was a great source of discomfort to me I decided to give this method a try.
I followed Ling Yee's instructions of tapping various energy points and repeating what she said whilst tapping. 
After feeling a bit silly, I realised that the pain in my left shoulder had eased.
By the time my session had finished the pain had gone completely and I had full range of motion without any twinges.
I am now 2 months on from the treatment and still pain free!
I would strongly advise seeing Ling Yee and approach the session with an open mind.
I am hoping to see her for another session when I can get back to Hong Kong.
Mrs J Leiper, London

I went to see Ling Yee to help me deal with the difficulty I was having accepting and moving past several miscarriages I had had. The session with her was very intense and emotionally draining. However, it was worth it! During the session all these emotions just came pouring out.  Many of them must have been buried deep inside of me as I wasn’t even aware of having them. EFT allowed me to let go of this tremendous amount of grief I was carrying around inside of me. The difference was noticeable immediately internally and externally. Internally, I felt much lighter, like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt at peace.  Externally, my husband commented  on the “glow” I was emitting after the session. Even weeks later, I was still feeling more positive than I had in a long time. How amazing to have such an amount of release from only one session. Thank you for that, Ling Yee
Yvonne Bolin, Atlanta 

I had been traumatised by a traffic incident about in the mid-2000s and this had continued to have an impact on my daily life and relationships. I had sought treatment through a variety of conventional methods. None of them had a significant impact. After a few sessions of EFT tapping therapy with Ling Yee, however, the negative chain of repetitive thought and constant re-runs of the incident abated significantly. After about five sessions, I found myself completely free of the negative trauma and fear, and no longer periodically and regularly reviewed the chain of events from a decade earlier. The speed and effectiveness of the therapy was completely unexpected and has had an almost unbelievably positive impact on my daily life and relationships.
David, Hong Kong

I was skeptical about EFT but with Ling Yee's loving guidance I was able to receive comfort and release from my emotions. It is amazing after a few cycles of the tapping, the emotional pain I was experiencing with a particular emotional issue decreased dramatically, to the point where I left the session thinking what was it I was bothered about in the first place!
As a therapist/healer, Ling Yee brings with her a deep and profound knowledge of spiritual healing, psychology, aromatherapy and a master's in Buddhism to her treatments. She has a unique gift of being able to help you pinpoint your core limiting beliefs and fears, and then help you release those blockages with universal truths so you can lead a life free from unhappiness. All with a great deal of wisdom, empathy and compassion.
Anonymous, Hong Kong