is a very fun and enjoyable way to help parents communicate and bond with their baby. It promotes heath and well-being for the baby and the parent. The benefits of the nurturing touch of Infant Massage include Interaction, Stimulation, Relief and Relaxation.
Apart from stimulating the baby’s development and senses, Infant Massage also helps parents to get to know the needs of their infant by learning how to read the different cues of their baby. Infant Massage therefore improves parenting skills and confidence.
​Researches show that Infant Massage improves baby’s sleeping pattern, colic, gas and other digestive conditions. It strengthens the baby’s immune system, reduces and stops crying and prevents post-natal depression in mothers.
Infant Massage allows the parent to have an intimate time together with their baby; this is especially beneficial for working mothers and/or fathers to take the time out and bond with their little one.

​The Infant Massage Course Ling Yee offers is based on IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) technique.

The 5 weeks course (1 hour each week) allows the baby and the parent to get accustomed with the massage strokes. A series of massage strokes will be taught, focusing on different body parts every week. You learn how to gently stretch the baby’s arms and legs. You learn how to massage the stomach, pelvis and align the spine . On the last week, the baby will be able to enjoy a full body massage given by the parent that can be incorporated into a daily routine at home.
Age of infant should be below 1 year. 
Mother, Father, Pregnant women (can practice on a doll)
You need 1 big towel and everything what is needed for the baby (diapers, wipes, food, pacifiers, for older infants, something to play with, etc.).
Massage oil will be provided (cold pressed vegetable oil)

Ling Yee offers private classes and group classes (minimum 5 infants)
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