​​​​Ling Yee's Aromatherapy's Products for Pregnancy

Morning Sickness Essential Oil Inhaler

Comforting & Calming Essential Oil Inhaler (also good for mood swings)

Energy Boosting Essential Oil Inhaler

Stretch Mark Body Oil

Varicose Vein Body Oil

Oedema Body Oil

Leg Cramp Body Oil

Relaxation Body Oil

Backache Body Oil

Constipation Body Oil

Perineum Massage Oil (preparation for labor)

Labor pain & Labor Ease Oil (during labor)

Massages during pregnancy are beneficial during the entire 9 months period of pregnancy and it can prepare the mother’s body for the birth and is also beneficial for the baby. The massage should be light. Acupressure massage is not suggested!!

During the first three months of pregnancy it is best to avoid the lower abdomen. Don’t massage if the mother feels unwell.
Aromatherapy bath during pregnancy is also very beneficial. During and after the pregnancy the skin can be very sensitive. Therefore add EO to a teaspoon of Jojoba oil before adding them to the bath water.

Pregnant women can be hypersensitive to scents. The suggested dilution for pregnant woman is 2% that also fall into the safety guideline.

Many pregnant women were using Essential oil at the usual 2 -5% dilutions for a long time w/o any adverse effects. It is normal that many women are unaware of their pregnancy until several weeks (3 – 6). Therefore, they don’t make any changes to their normal daily life and maybe including having aromatherapy treatments. There is no evidence showing adverse reactions as a result to the treatments.

As long as certain oils are avoided, Aromatherapy techniques and oils can be used safely and will be immensely beneficial to maintain the general health of the expectant mother and to help minimize the various discomforts of pregnancy.

Essential oil that should be avoided during pregnancy:
Balsamite, Camphor (white), Ho leaf, Hyssop, Indian dill seed, Juniperus pfitzeriana, Parsley leaf, Parsleyseed, Plectranthus, Sage, Savin, Annual wormwood, Cangerana, Lavandula stoechas, Lavender cotton, Oadkmoss, Perilla, Rue, Treemoss
Oral ingestion of essential oil is not recommended!!!

There are some Essential oils that claimed to be dangerous for pregnant women because some women INTENTIONALLY INGESTED LARGE QUANTITY of Essential oils in order to bring on miscarriage and harmed themselves.

Personalised labels can be done on request (great idea especially for gifts).

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Aromatherapy helps to relieve many problems in pregnancy such as morning sickness, varicose veins, edema, backache and stretch marks. It will also help to minimize labor pains, re-tone the mother’s body after giving birth and balance the mood.