WILD GOOSE QIGONG “First 64” form
The Wild Goose Qigong practice is considered as a complete healing system. It is known for its beautiful and graceful movements that represent an innocent carefree wild goose.
This practice improves health issues arising from unhealthy diet, environmental factors such as pollution, work or other-related stress, lack of exercise and past injuries.
Wild Goose movements allow energy to flow in the major channels in the front, back and sides of the torso and through the limbs. It helps to increase inner strength and flexibility, strengthen the immune system, circulation and breathing.
The beauty of the Wild Goose qigong is that it is extremely enjoyable. The movements are dance-like and feel light and joyful with a sense of peace and relaxation.
The results of 600 styles of Qigong practices were compared in a study using Western methods and technology. At the end, Wild Goose Qigong was rated as one of the most beneficial and effective one. The movements are easy and elegant and the results are profound.
The practice of Wild Goose Qigong “The First 64 form” will take less than 10 minutes and can easily be integrated into our daily life. 

 Wild Goose Pai Da Qigong
Pai Da means patting that helps to stimulate and massage each orgaon in the body. This is a method good for all ages but especially suitable for elderly people to open up the energy channels allowing an increase of energy flow within the body. 

18 Forms
18 Forms include 18 simple movements combined with breathing patterns. By practicing it regularly, these simple movements can improves health in Body, Mind and Spirit profoundly. The 18 Forms activate each joint and every muscle in our body and at the same time offering a massage for all your internal organs and glands.Type your paragraph here.

Brief History of Wild Goose Qigong
During the Jin Dynasty, over 1,800 years ago, there were a group of Daoist monks who lived in the Kunlun mountains in China. These sacred mountains offered a retreat where the monks could cultivate the skills of longevity and live in harmony with nature. It was here that the skill of Kunlun Dayan Wild Goose Qigong skill was founded, by observing for centuries the beauty and harmony of the freely flowing energy in these soaring wild geese and eventually by imitating the graceful movements and strength of them and combining them with Chinese medical theories to delay ageing and prolong life. For many, many years, Dayan Qigong was passed on secretly within the Kunlun Qigong School. In 1980, following economic and political change in China, Grandmaster Yang Meijun, the 27th generation inheritor, decided to share her knowledge with the public so that more people could benefit from Dayan Qigong.

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